Plan Your Budget regardless of the time and expense

If your project is small or medium with a strictly defined scope and requirements that won’t change, then this is definitely the best model for you.


  • Here everything related to the project plus deadline for delivery & schedule of development will be predetermined. If the client wishes to implement any changes, they must change the deadline date, and will be charged extra.
No More Time & Budget Constraints

If you have many tasks and changes coming up during the development process with no time frame predicted, and you require a high level of team flexibility, then this model will suit your project best.


  • You pay only for the time & material used during the development of the project.
  • You’ll have the chance to pay in parts
  • Flexible budget & time
  • Early start for the development process
  • You can add, or enhance anything during any project stage
The Team Is Entirely Dedicated To Your Project

A team is specifically selected according to the requirements of your project, and will solely focus on this project. You gain control over the working process and the members of the team.


  • Cost reduction on searching for the specialists you need, offering office space, and other administrative costs
  • You determine the budget before the beginning of the project
  • The team only focuses on your project and how they can understand it better for the best results
  • Easier & more efficient communication between you and the team
  • Flexibility in adding team members if needed